Thursday, November 17, 2011

This morning we took Quib to the vet to be euthanized after it became clear that his health was taking a turn for the worse. He was with us through four apartments, two states, our wedding, and too many jobs to remember right now. He went to a movie theater in Iowa, stayed in a hotel in Wyoming, ate in a restaurant in Utah, went to work with me in Los Angeles, and made us happy every single day. We were lucky to know him.

We'll miss you, Quib. I wish I could have explained how much we'll miss you.


  1. Awww, rest in peace Quib.
    Sorry to hear

  2. Shedding a tear or two in honour of Quib, the guinea pig I never met but rather liked. Thanks for this blog, and for sharing Quib xx

  3. Sorry for the loss of Quib. I just came to know today, hope you are well and have already overcome this loss. Life is like that. This year my brother died, he was living 6000 miles away, in Belém do Pará, and came to Porto Alegre just to treat (from the liver). He was here from December to March because here we have the best hospitals in South America, making cardiac surgeries and organ transplantations. Days after returning to Belém do Pará his wife called warning that he had died. At least I could be with him three months, since I have not seen him for five years. I hope to hear more from you again. Greetings from here and if you can take a look at my blog about the devastation in the Amazon.